Student reviews

Angel Jupirik

Student placed in University of New South Wales, LLM

I like IES’s approach. I greatly appreciate the fact they they involve me in every step of the process while making sure i get the help i need. IES’ staff is an understanding mentor that’s always ready to help whenever you need anything.

Kong Hao Quan

Student placed in Queen's Belfast University

I strongly recommend parents engage with Inquota as their adviser. Throughout the journey, they had provided excellent services and ease the otherwise tedious process. From sourcing of university & course right up to visa application and payment process, they had provided much needed help and guidance.

Mandy Song

Student currently studying in UWA

Don’t give up, there’s always a way to get to your goal even if it seems impossible. Do your best! IES providing professional services, very responsive and easy to communicate.

NG Xiao Ling

Student placed in Northumbria University

While studying in the UK, enjoy your life here and mix around with different people. I would definitely recommend IES’ services.

Tan Jian En

Bar studies @ ULaw Bristol

Consider the University of Law for your UK Bar exam preparation. Their history of excellence, practical focus, supportive environment, and extensive network make them an excellent choice for aspiring barristers. Highly recommended!

Jasjit Manocha

Bar Studies @ UWE Bristol

UK Degree is well recognized worldwide with trustworthy and fair education system. I am happy to recommend Inquota Education Services (IES)

Khloe Tung

Student placed in Kings Wisconsin

First year first semester student Yee Tung ‘Khloe’ Ding has been elected to be the Vice President of the Business Club at UW-Fox Valley for Fall 2018. Khloe is a freshman from Sabah, Malaysia and looking to major in Business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Amarjeet Gill

Student currently studying in Poland

The city of Poznan is a beautiful city with its own charms of renaissance styled buildings . The more you discover it the more you start loving it. It has excellent transportation connection within the city. Many places are walkable from where I am staying at currently.

Nimeesha Chan

Studying in the UIC Global in Chicago, USA

A huge thanks to Edmund and his team in helping me to successfully apply for Visa as well as walking me through all the complex procedures to study in the USA! Can’t thank them enough!

Callista Chim

Studying in TMCC, USA

Mr. Edmund and Mr. Martin from Inquota Education helped me out a lot along this journey. They efficiently communicated with TMCC’s faculty and aided me in my IELTS, school and F1-Visa application.

Daniela Sara Lisa

Student placed with Think Poland

A big thanks to Mr Edmund and his team for liasing with the Think Poland team and breaking down the application process to me. I’m very happy with the help given to me and is very grateful.