Inquota education services (ies) sdn bhd

We offer one-stop education services to students and partner institutions. We are your trusted Education Placement Centre.

Our services

In Inquota Education Services, we: 

Consult Students on Education

Provide students with professional education advices and consultation to assist them on selecting a suitable course.

Review University Application

Assist students on their application to the course of their choice by walking them through the tedious application process.

Co-organise Events & Info Day

Co-organise and host multiple open days as well as info day for wide range of universities acrros the year for students.

Build Awareness On Scholarship

Collect all the information on various scholarships and share it to the students, offering them more education choices.

student placement
200 +
partner universities
100 +
Info day & events organised
50 0 +
student satisfaction
99.9 %


Why us?

Unsure why you should let us assist you on your further studies? Here’s why. We: 

Are A Experienced Education Placement Centre

Assisted more than 200+ students with their placement and we are proud to say that we are one of the veteran in advising and consulting students. We will definitely assist you to make the best education choice you need.

Are Close Affiliate Of Multiple Education Organisation Globally

Are also affiliates and members of multiple education organisation across the globe. Hence, we are very familiar with different application procedures and documents needed. We ensure your application go through smoothly.

Have A Keen Eye In Recognising Talents & Potential

Are also exceptional in recognising every student's potential and making sure they are aware of any scholarships relevant to their interest. We make sure that all students can enroll in a course they are passionate in.

Our partners

In Inquota Education Services, we also work with the following organisation to further refine our quality of service :

English Proficiency Test

Preparatory Courses

PTE Test Preparation

SAT/GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/GED Test Preparation Course

Student Accommodation

Agency Partnerships

What do people say about us?

Hear about Inquota Education Services Sdn Bhd from your peers & our partners! 

Angel Jupirik

Student placed in University of New South Wales, LLM

I like IES’s approach. I greatly appreciate the fact they they involve me in every step of the process while making sure i get the help i need. IES’ staff is an understanding mentor that’s always ready to help whenever you need anything.

Kong Hao Quan

Student placed in Queen's Belfast University

I strongly recommend parents engage with Inquota as their adviser. Throughout the journey, they had provided excellent services and ease the otherwise tedious process. From sourcing of university & course right up to visa application and payment process, they had provided much needed help and guidance.

Mandy Song

Student currently studying in UWA

Don’t give up, there’s always a way to get to your goal even if it seems impossible. Do your best! IES providing professional services, very responsive and easy to communicate.

NG Xiao Ling

Student placed in Northumbria University

While studying in the UK, enjoy your life here and mix around with different people. I would definitely recommend IES’ services.

Tan Jian En

Bar studies @ ULaw Bristol

Consider the University of Law for your UK Bar exam preparation. Their history of excellence, practical focus, supportive environment, and extensive network make them an excellent choice for aspiring barristers. Highly recommended!

Jasjit Manocha

Bar Studies @ UWE Bristol

UK Degree is well recognized worldwide with trustworthy and fair education system. I am happy to recommend Inquota Education Services (IES)